Little Affi

a poem from RELICS OF DAWN


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A Little Affi

I was just a small orphaned child,

but now I have grown.

This little affi taught me

about destructive seeds my people had sown.


As the sun disappeared

behind industrial haze,

I knew we had reached

the end of our days.


Her fur was so soft

when she curled up in my hand.

How could I know

her kind would inherit the land?


They were meek, underfoot

and easy to ignore,

As they hurried and scurried

across the forest floor.


She was looking for food

when she crested the hill,

and saw our great city

unusually still.


The ground shook in a quake,

and she sniffed at the air,

sensing danger was close,

but it was already there.


Heat poured from below

and spread out in a fan,

engulfing the city

as our project began.


It was too hot for her

so she fled to her nest,

and curled up with her family

as the chaos progressed.


We left their world in ruins

and fled to the stars.

This little affi taught me about the planet

that was theirs, no longer ours.