A.W. Davidson is seeking representation for

Relics of Dawn

Climate Change Science Fiction Mystery and Adventure

Complete Trilogy - 148k words total
Over 10,000 sales, 400+ reviews, 4.2 rating average

Amazon-selected as Kindle Monthly Feature May 2022

Book of the Year Winner at I Heart Sci-Fi Podcast

"Mind-blowing is an understatement! It's like reading a movie!"




Relics of Dawn is told from the perspective of two scientists, in different timelines, trying to stop climate change with audacious feats of geoengineering.  But, an ancient legend has a dire warning...

Supervolcanoes and asteroids meet mysterious ruins and hidden fossils in this time-twisting tale where myth meets modern science.

The plots twists and turns as both stories intertwine to reveal an unimaginable conspiracy dating to the dawn of humanity, and beyond..


I work at a large tech firm by day while pursuing my writing passion and love of the great outdoors every chance I get. Growing up on a small family farm gave me a front row seat, for better and worse, to how humans affect the nature around them.

My grandmother and I dreamed up the basis of the story that became Relics of Dawn. National Geographic magazines filled her back porch, where we would talk about imaginary "what if" stories involving the ancient ruins and natural landscapes that covered every issue.

Professional publishers, editors, and designers have helped me along the way with Relics of Dawn. I have also done most of the book marketing myself, and am very pleased with the sales.

I am seeking representation to take the story to the next level.

Not only for me, but for the planet.


I believe we need more stories out that can educate while they entertain.


Relics of Dawn is one such story that can change minds, for our future.

Very sincerely,

A.W. Davidson